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Postby Strouse » Sat Sep 15, 2007 11:52 pm

tubachic wrote:Do they still teach 8 to 5? How about cutting down the size of the Pregame block and having auditions. Do they still make cuts?

Yes they practically drill 8 to 5 in our heads during fundamentals week, but obviously there are those that it gets drilled in too far and thus, falls out the hole created in the bottom. Unfortunately it seems as though she has added on to the PreGame block more this year than any because well, she has made the 4 "shadow" Maggot spots a permanent fixture so instead of marching 12 we now march 16, and I can only assume that she has added onto the ranks, thus changing pregame slightly. (well, I guess for the alums it would be drastically) Also, there are cuts still made, not many but there are a few people who do get cut and there are also people who are alternates for pregame as well, which explains why there were a few members in uniform holding ladders and such during pregame. As far as anything else is concerned, I honestly can't say much because even though I'm a fourth year this year, I'm a Maggot so the only thing during pregame that I really care about is our entry and how many we have.
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Postby The Niz » Sun Sep 16, 2007 7:05 pm

Pregame last night felt good for the first time since my freshman year. I was told otherwise by certain alumni, that could be due to certain ranks not fulfilling their duties, however, Howe rank felt great and I know Gross rank was at least half way decent :wink:

Any other ranks who were not satisfactory last night, I place blame on your section leaders not on you.

Pregame felt RIGHT for the first time since 2004 last night, and I know that may not feel like much to you alumni, but it REALLY means something to me.
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