Actor Robert Patrick a Falcon?!

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Postby cbjhack » Wed Mar 29, 2006 5:23 pm

Nothing is mentioned on IMDB about Robert Patrick going to BG.

As for Jay Crawford, he did work for WBNS in Columbus before going to Florida and then ESPN. Also Ray Crawford (no relation), is another BG guy who supposedly played baseball. He worked for Channel 6 in Columbus before going to Dayton, but still does OSU pre- and post-game stuff on Channel 6 that is also showed in Dayton (or so I have been told).

Anyone who works for any media in Columbus is caught up in the emotions of OSU sports, even if you are a Michigan guy. If not, no one listens or watches your show.

While I share your concern for alumni that root/support for other teams, you have to remember, they aren't all traitors. Some of us grew up rooting for another school before going to BG. It is okay to root for more than one school. So long as it isn't Toledo or Michigan.
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